Budapest Sights & Entertainment

Budapest Sights If you are planning a city break or a weekend break, you might be overwhelmed the amount of offers…
Barcelona? Prague? Edinburgh or London? I tell you why you choose Budapest instead! (‘cos there are so many things you must see or do in the capital of Hungary.)

See a list below on the most popular programs:

  • You can take a guided tour to mingle with the locals and learn about the culture,
  • go window shopping or people watching on VĂ¡ci street,
  • if you fancy adult entertainment programs visit the city’s finest nightclubs, sexclubs in the heart of Budapest,
  • visit historical monuments such as Hungary’s Parlaiment Building, St. Stephen’s Basilica Budapest Opera House, MillenĂ¡ris Park or walk across Chain Bridge,
  • visit museums and immerse yourself in cultural tours and programs,
  • try some authentic Hungarian dishes with wine,
  • looking for sex or strip clubs? discover the nightlife of Budapest and meet the hottest girls in Europe.
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